Summer's 8 Smelliest Shoes

It's Summer, the season of sunshine, vacations, popsicles, and...sockless shoes. We all know what that means for our shoes, roommates, neighbors, the lady stuck behind you in the TSA line, and the friend with the "no-shoes" apartment. 

Musty, smelly shoes. 

But which shoes are the worst offenders? We asked, you answered. Presenting the Top 8 smelliest shoes as voted by you, our loyal audience. 

8. Tory Burch Flats.


So cute. So chic. So smelly.

7. Crocs.


Who knew a shoe so versatile could smell so badly?

6. Danskos


Fashion clogs meet fashion fog. Don't tell us you're excited to dip your toes in that leather cavern.

5. Chuck Taylors


Just because the worn-in look is in doesn't mean the smell has to match. 


A favorite of the nuvo-granola set. Don't let them go the way of a hippie's armpits: au naturel.

3. Allbirds

They say you can wash them. They say they don't stink. Spoiler alert: they stink.

2. Tom's

One for you, one for a kid in need. Maybe ship them a Zorpad, too.

1. Sperry Boat Shoes


The undisputed all-around champion of disdain. Nothing like a yacht on a late summer afternoon with the sour stench of sockless feet. 

Taylor Wiegele