8 Signs You 100% Have a Foot Fetish

Since we gave so much airtime to the 8 Signs you Have a Foot Phobia and seeing as how it's National I Love My Feet Day, we thought we'd spend some time pointing out some signs that you might be a little too into feet. Here's the definitive list.

1. You've always loved the Venus Razor commercial for some weird reason.

2. You're so into foot cream this is you trying to hold on to anything.

3. Whenever anyone asks if you'd ever walk on hot coals.

4. Actual footage of your fourth grade birthday party where Sheryl Stevens got you a new pair of Jellies.

5. You were always great at Skip It because you knew what would happen if you weren't and that ball crushed your foot.

6. When you discover you're not the only bro in the bromance that gets pedicures.

7. When you're talking to a cutie at the bar and find out that they're a massage therapist specializing in Chinese Reflexology.

8. Toes in the sand is NIR. VAN. A. 

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Taylor Wiegele