The Top 7 Smelliest Sports.

If you're a mom you know the deal. Kids play one game of lacrosse and your minivan smells like the trenches of World War I. If you're a hockey player, you know that that smell can linger on your hands for days. Maybe months if we're being dramatic. In no particular order, our smelliest sport definitive list.

1. Lacrosse


We don't know what's a better defensive move: a juke or taking off those gloves and shoving them in your opponent's face. Either one might do the trick.

2. Football

Pads on pads on pads on pads means perfect breeding ground for our little bacteria friends. Scale of 1-10, this room probably smells like a 14.

3. Soccer

Fact: shin guards can get so nasty that they often times cause a rash on kids' skin. True story. So while these little pieces of foamy plastic keep your shins from the cleat assault of the other team, they're trojan horses for bacteria.

4. Hockey


If you've ever been to a hockey game, you can literally smell the game before you can see the game. Too bad you can't put odor on ice.

5. Ballet


Nothing like jumping in the same pair of shoes for days on end with no socks to really funkify things. Such an elegant creature. Such a horrid stench.

6. Boxing


It's almost like you've channeled all your rage into the gloves and not the bag. Woof those things stink.

7. Wrestling


A wrestling mat is probably the only place that you can still get a hug when you smell that bad.

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Taylor Wiegele