Our Favorite Holiday Jokes

‘Tis the season…for a corny dad joke. We’re big (read: gigantic) fans of puns here at Zorpads HQ and we’ve been scouring the internet and the back of our brains for the best holiday jokes. Here’s the best of what we’ve found.

1. What kind of music do elves listen to?


2. Why does Santa always hate going down the chimney?

He’s Claustrophobic.

3. Which family member is a penguin’s favorite?

Aunt Arctica


4. What falls at the North Pole but never gets hurt?



5. Which hand is it better to light a menorah with?

Neither, it’s best to use a candle to light it.

6. Where can you find chili beans in the winter?



7. What kind of motorcycle does an elf take to work?

A Holly Davidson


8. What did the older Hannukah candle say to the younger candle?

You’re too young to smoke.

Have a festive holiday season, earthlings! And nab 20% off a 5-pack with code HOLIDAY2018!

Taylor Wiegele