Almost Not Enough Space for All This Space News

There's a lot happening in space, earthlings. Makes sense though, there's a lot of it to explore. Here are a few recent headlines that have caught our eye.

1. reporting with unlimited puns about the astronaut versions of Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal.

2. Space lasers? Nothing is technically impossible for NASA. Check out this story on

3. Ever wondered what you looked like in outer space? Or your cat? Engadget reports on NASA apps that let you take space selfies. CHEESE.

space selfies.PNG

4. We honestly can't believe these didn't exist already! YOU GO GIRL (SCOUTS)!

5. Apparently Oscar-winning The Shape of Water wasn't too far off with that creepy creature thing. Check this one out from

shape of water.PNG

6. We'll just never see enough videos of the Northern Lights from outer space. The limit does not exist. This from is stunning.

That's all for now! But with infinite space to explore you can be sure we'll be back with some other striking headlines. Want to be the first to know? Sign up for our newsletter down here!

Taylor Wiegele