Zorpads x3 (3 Pairs) Exclusive

Zorpads x3 (3 Pairs) Exclusive

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A 3-Pack available for a limited time and accessible only through online search. 

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Jeepers! A 3-Pack? That's 3 odor-free shoes! And for $13? We've never had a sale quite like this.

Our patent-pending shoe inserts are sure to turn your shoes from dumpster food to Vogue Streetwear in an outer-space second.

We recommend replacing Zorpads every 60 wears or when they wear down completely, but really whenever your shoes start to get a little odorous.


  • Destroy odor
  • Last for up to 60 wears
  • Are made with NASA-tested technology
  • Stick in place
  • Fit in any shoe without cutting or trimming
  • Don't make a mess like sprays or powders

You'll love them like a full tank of oxygen in outer space.

Oh, and shipping is always free. Because we're a 22nd century company and that's how we do things here.